Why subscribe?

Honestly, there are a million of these things out there you could be reading instead, and most of those writers are putting a lot more energy and thought into theirs!

That said, MalonEmail is, above all, fun for me. It started as a Tinyletter way back in 2013, as a way to keep my readers abreast of my writing as a freelance pop culture journalist. But the Newsletter Economy™ has evolved, and so have I. I’m not hocking my wares as frequently as I once was, but I continue to have lots of opinions nevertheless — on sci-fi, social justice, TV, music, and more. Some aren’t fit to pitch, some I’m too lazy to pitch, and some I’d prefer to send directly to you beautiful creatures rather than suffer the indignity of getting paid $200 for the rights to my creative output in perpetuity. The publications regularly publishing at the center of my personal Venn diagram have been dwindling, anyway.

TL;DR: Subscribe to MalonEmail because we like the same stuff, and you enjoy the all-caps pop-culture yelling of a professional at the intersection of Talking Head and Your Friend from College.

Your inbox will probably only get clogged up by my newsletters at irregular intervals, anyway — once, a good 16 months passed between MalonEmails, though I think that was a record for me. Could change at any time, of course, but then again, that’s what the unsubscribe button is for, isn’t it?

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